May 14, 2012

Giant Bomb Preview

Giant Bomb goes hands-on with Civilization V: Gods & Kings.

May 10, 2012

Kotaku Preview

Kotaku takes the reigns of the Roman Empire in this preview.

May 10, 2012

GameSpot Preview

GameSpot takes you through the first 90 days of Civilization V: Gods & Kings.

May 10, 2012

IGN Preview

IGN takes a closer look at Religion and Espionage in Gods & Kings.

April 3, 2012

Eurogamer Preview

"Gods and Kings fleshes out religion and espionage above and beyond what we once saw in Civilization 4 - piling on a massive slab of player agency with systems that make genuine historical sense."

March 13 2012

Venturebeat Preview

"When the Firaxis guys create an expansion, they go the whole nine yards."

March 13, 2012

Ripten Preview

"In Gods and Kings you can mix and match philosophies to come up with your ideal religion. If only the real world worked that way..."

March 12, 2012

Digital Trends Preview

"Gods and Kings certainly looks to be adding a wide assortment of content to suit the vast range of different Civ fans."