Migrating throughout Europe in the 4th and 5th centuries AD, the nomadic Huns were a tribal people originally thought to have their origins on the steppes of Central Asia. United under the charge of their most memorable leader, Attila, the Hunnic army plundered and pillaged its way across Europe, becoming a notorious scourge to the Romans and their allies. Although mysterious in origin, by most accounts, the Huns ate, slept, and died on horseback, which helps explain why they were known throughout history for their expertise in mounted combat and equestrianism.

Special Abilities

Raze cities at double speed. Borrow city names from other civs. Start with animal husbandry. Bonus production per pasture.

  • Leader


  • Special Ability

    Scourge of God

  • Special Unit

    Horse Archer

  • Special Unit

    Battering Ram